Stichting Motel Mozaïque

Motel Mozaïque

Stichting Motel Mozaïque is a cultural organisation that connects people through music, art and performance. With the city of Rotterdam as a background and inspiration, our core values are hospitality, diversity and sustainability.

Known by the locals as MOMO, the initiative started during Rotterdam 2001, Cultural Capital of Europe. Founder Harry Hamelink set up an editorial team to scout and invite artists and performers who showed their work and performed at the first editions of the festival. The artists themselves created beds in various places in the city and visitors were taken by guides to discover new parts of the program, or the city.

Throughout the years Motel Mozaïque developed many projects in town like Bazar Curieux, MOMO Fabrique and collaborated with a vast network of artists and cultural organisations locally, nationally and internationally. Currently our main activities are MOMO Festival, MOMO Concerts, a series of live music events throughout the year and MOMO Create, our talent development project.

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